Non-Tariff Barriers, such as the imposition of import quotas, restrictions on import/distribution and product regulatory standards that are onerous and lack consistency only distort trade and consumer choice.


Additionally, complex or overly bureaucratic customs procedures have the same impact.  Consumers inevitably end up paying the price for NTBs and onerous Customs procedures through reduced choice and higher charges.


The issues, and other measures that hinder the facilitation of trade, compromise an economy’s competitiveness, reduce economic development and can disenfranchise MSMEs in particular.


This Group is tasked with advocating for changes to customs procedures and improving trade facilitation, including pushing for the removal Non-Tariff Barriers to trade that are present in the ASEAN Region, and then to work with the ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN Member States to find ways to reduce and eventually elminate NTBs and make dealing with Customs issues simpler. 


The EU-ABC also acts as the Chairman of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council’s Trade Facilitation Working Group.