Société des Matières Premières Tropicales Pte Ltd (SMPT)

Segsarn Trai-Ukos grew up in Switzerland, Germany and France where he spends more than 22 years. In 1983, he did his high school at Lycée Charles de Gaulle, Baden-Baden, Germany. He is post-graduated in Accounting, and then obtains a Master degree at Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France with major in an International law and Management. And, a Master degree of International law from Institut Libre d’Etudes des Relations International (ILERI), Paris, France. He continued his study and obtains an E-MBA’s at SASIN, Chulalongkorn University. He also earns certificates from IMD (Carrefour Master), Lausanne, Switzerland and HEC (Michelin Business Development), Paris, France.

Prior to being appointed in April 2020 as Managing Director, Société des Matières Premières Tropicales Pte Ltd (SMPT), Segsarn was Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of MICHELIN South-East Asia, Oceania and Japan-Korea.

Segsarn is also currently active in several non profit organization in Singapore and in Bangkok such as Member of the Executive Board of EU-Asean Business Council (,  Board  Member of the Executive Committee of GPSNR, Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (,  Member of the Executive Committee of SICCRA, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce Rubber Association (, Member of Rubber Committee at Singapore Exchange ( ; Vice-Chairman, AF, Alliance Française ( in Thailand and Board of Director of TNSC, Thai National Shippers’ Council (


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