2018 EU-ASEAN Business Sentiment Survey Launched!

Following on from last year’s highly positive response from European businesses in the region in our 3rd EU-ASEAN Business Sentiment Survey, we have launched the 2018 questions of the EU-ABC’s annual flagship survey.

The EABSS is an annual publication which seeks to measure the views of European businesses operating in ASEAN on a number of key issues such as: Economic outlook and investment priorities; progress on the ASEAN Economic Community; and Developments on FTAs between Europe and Southeast Asia.

The 2018 Survey will be the 4th edition of the EABSS and will run from April 2018 through June 2018, with the results to be published in September 2018. To take part, click on this link:

Your answers will remain confidential and your efforts are greatly appreciated in order for us to gain a holistic view of the business sentiment in the region moving forward. Do take 10 minutes to complete this survey.

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