EU-ABC Publishes 2016 Business Sentiment Survey: European businesses planning expansion in ASEAN, co

European businesses are planning to expand their investment and operations in ASEAN as the region grows in global importance and ASEAN profits increase, according to the second annual EU-ASEAN Business Sentiment Survey, published on 1st September by the EU-ASEAN Business Council.

Commenting on the Survey, EU-ABC Chairman, Donald Kanak said: “It is clear that European businesses are optimistic and are investing for future growth in ASEAN. At a challenging time for the global economy, South East Asia is an economic bright spot and European companies are keen to invest in the region’s rapidly developing consumer market and increasingly integrated production base.

The survey shows strong support for a substantive and meaningful EU-ASEAN FTA to support sustained European investment in the region, and the EU-ASEAN Business Council urges leaders from the EU and ASEAN to work together toward that end, and in the meantime the rapid conclusion of bilateral FTA negotiations between the EU and ASEAN Member States.”

Full publication can be found here.