EU-ASEAN Business Council Interview Series: Frank Debets, Managing Partner, PwC Worldtrade Managemen

On the EU-ASEAN Business Council’s Interview Series is Frank Debets, Managing Partner, PwC Worldtrade Management Services.

Ahead of the ASEAN Customs Directors General Meeting later today, the rather timely interview saw Frank provide professional insight to how COVID-19 has reshaped the consulting industry and trends businesses based in ASEAN should anticipate post-pandemic, particularly on customs and trade, the usage of technology to address cross border movement and to build in flexibility to account for more variables in supply chains brought on by the pandemic.

Frank shares that having an open mindset, keeping markets open and limiting trade restrictions, creating more opportunities for cross-border trade and more interaction between the public and private sector would help the region emerge from the pandemic stronger.

Watch the interview here.

More exciting interviews in the series coming your way! Keep a lookout for them!