EU-ASEAN Business Council Interview Series: Satyanarayan R, Partner, Head of Infrastructure, Governm

On our Interview Series, we have Satyanarayan R, Partner, Head of Infrastructure, Government & Healthcare, Head of Strategy, Advisory, KPMG Singapore

Satya shares about how COVID-19 has reshaped the professional services industry in three different ways, namely, ways of working, deglobalisation and the ability to participate in digital commerce in a different way. For instance, his work with the SG Clean programme where digital technology has enabled him to work with people from 25 countries over a two month period.

Satya provided further insight to trends businesses based in ASEAN should anticipate post-pandemic which includes, ways of working, the combination between digital and physical in terms of labor force and digital commerce; the importance of governments ensuring the digital backbone is well organised, to ensure that any physical disruptions can be dealt with and operations through digital means is seamless.

For the region to emerge from the pandemic stronger, building trust; trust between the government and private sector is important. Another factor would be technology, where leaders embrace and drive technology, yet regulate it for the benefit of the people.

Watch the interview here.

Stay tuned, more exciting interviews in the series coming your way!