EU-ASEAN Relations Essay Series: Noel Clehane

In this comprehensive contribution to our EU-ASEAN Relations Essay Series, Noel Clehane, Global Head of Regulatory & Public Policy at BDO, Chairman, European Services Forum and Member of the EU-ASEAN Business Council Executive Board shares his views on the 44-year relationship, now a strategic partnership, between the EU and ASEAN. Of focus is what the future holds for EU-ASEAN relations particularly in trade and investment as the globe and particularly the region, navigate through challenges brought forth by the pandemic.

“It is a truism that the EU and ASEAN and member nations are strong supporters of multilateralism and of rules-based international trade. Even where significant differences arise on other issues, it is essential that both blocs give effect to their common viewpoints by working together and seeking to forge closer trading and economic ties if they are to successfully influence the evolving global trading order.”

Download: Noel Clehane- EU ASEAN Relations Essay Series

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