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[Postponed] Indonesia Summit 2020: Balancing Environmental and Business Imperatives - stay tuned for updates

In his second term, President Widodo and his team are set to prioritise a fleet of policy areas, from economic and infrastructure development to education and investment reforms, all amidst plans to move Indonesia's capital from Jakarta to East Kalimantan.

Extreme rainstorms and flooding in Jakarta are part of the reason for the capital move to the island of Borneo. Can Indonesia afford to clear more forests to make way for a new city? And in doing so how can the country strike a balance between environmental concerns and economic growth? 


Join key policymakers, academics and business leaders at Indonesia Summit 2020 on April 16th in Jakarta, as we hear from the government about its policies for sustainable growth and plans to support the private sector. 

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Industry Practitioner Masterclass: Using Free Trade Agreements for Your Business to Achieve Import Duty Savings

Against the global backdrop of increasing trade uncertainties, free trade agreements (FTAs) remain a shining beacon for cross border merchandise trade to flourish with improved market access, reduced and eliminated import customs duties. However, businesses often find the underlying FTA legal texts to be difficult for non-international trade law personnel to read, digest and more importantly to translate them into operational and actionable steps.

Join AC Trade Advisory as they bring their fourth edition of Industry Practitioner Masterclass where expert trainers with rich industry practitioner and consulting backgrounds share more insights on the practical business interpretations of key FTA rules of origin and how to achieve FTA duty savings.


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