World Cities Summit
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The World Cities Summit is an exclusive platform for government leaders and industry experts to address liveable and sustainable city challenges, share integrated urban solutions and forge new partnerships. Jointly organised by Singapore’s Centre for Liveable Cities and the Urban Redevelopment Authority, the biennial Summit has been attended by over 250 global cities and supported by leaders from government, business, international organisations and academia.


For the first time since WCS commenced in 2008, the WCS 2021 will adopt a largely virtual format. From 21 to 23 June, audience members can join our global thought leaders at our WCS dialogues and plenaries remotely, which will convene a larger and more international audience. The discussions will continue with a series of monthly WCS webinars from July to November 2021.

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ASEAN’s 2021 Digital Toolkit Series: Fraud & Consumer Protection In The Digital Age
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Policies which promote trust are key in unlocking the full potential of ASEAN’s digital economy. These cover a range of areas from data privacy to cybersecurity, to consumer protection.


However, in the digital age, consumer protection extends beyond robust data protection law. The proliferation of online sales has made it increasingly more difficult for consumers to identify counterfeit goods, and easier for them to fall victims to scams. Regionally, policies are also not coordinated, making it harder for individuals and businesses to understand who is accountable when fraudulent activities take place online.  


  • What are the key gaps in Southeast Asia’s consumer protection laws?  

  • Online fraud and deception require additional protections, how can ASEAN leaders tackle this growing issue? 

  • How can ASEAN leaders work together with businesses to develop stronger public-private partnerships, tougher enforcement actions, and the cooperation of e-commerce platforms?  

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Keeping Asia’s ageing population healthy: The role of life-course immunisation
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Asia’s population is ageing. By 2050, 62% of Asia’s population will be made up of older adults – making Asia the oldest region in the world.

The United Nations has proclaimed 2021-2030 to be the Decade of Healthy Ageing, to improve the lives of older people, their families and. An equally important and complementary strategy is that of the World Health Organization’s Immunization Agenda 2030, to ensure that everyone, everywhere, at every age, fully benefits from vaccines to improve health and wellbeing – including older adults.

Despite the benefits of vaccination being widely recognised as one of the most effective and cost-saving public health interventions, life-course immunisation uptake rates remain low across Asia-Pacific.

In response, KPMG, the EU-ASEAN Business Council and Sanofi, with the support of the Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum have undertaken insight gathering activities across Southeast Asia on the topic of healthy ageing with the role of life-course immunisation. The findings will be announced and discussed at this virtual panel discussion.

Join renowned speakers in public policy and planning as well as from the life sciences industry as they discuss:


  • What the findings mean for healthy ageing and its related policies in the region

  • The barriers to life-course immunisation uptake, especially among older adults

  • Multi-sectorial interventions to raising the value and importance of life-course immunisation

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Future of Energy Week: Accelerating Asia’s energy transition
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Before covid-19, the demand for fossil fuels was already dropping. In 2018 coal’s share of the global energy supply fell to 27%, the lowest in 15 years. Oil futures fell in late 2018, and slumped heavily in the early days of the pandemic before mounting a recovery from May 2020.


Now the world is in the midst of an energy shock that has the potential to speed up the shift to a more sustainable economy.
Join policymakers, energy experts, business leaders, academics and scientists from across the region in a week of discussions to address the most pressing issues in relation to the global energy transition and what a change in the energy system means for Asia.
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Future of Healthcare Week: Building sustainable systems for all
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What does a post-pandemic healthcare system look like? Concerted action against covid-19 has brought together decades of cumulative scientific progress, with profound effects on the pandemic and the future of medicine.

Over the course of four days, policymakers, healthcare providers, academics and scientists will come together with representatives from industry, patient associations, charities and the finance sector to examine the covid-19 aftermath and how to solve the vulnerabilities it has highlighted.
Join our second Future of Healthcare Week where 1,500+ healthcare leaders will explore how to navigate the opportunities and challenges around innovation, accessibility, efficiency, sustainability and the inevitable acceleration of digital healthcare.

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