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ASEAN’s 2024 Outlook

As 2024 begins, ASEAN finds itself in challenging yet dynamic economic and political environments. Economically, ASEAN is set to surpass global growth rates, fuelled by record levels of foreign direct investment and booming trade numbers. Despite this upward trend, the region will continue to face challenges like global inflationary pressures, the impacts of supply chain disruptions, the need to reduce its carbon footprint etc., whilst also ensuring continued economic and social development, and the list goes on.


Politically, ASEAN will see an interesting year in 2024. Indonesia, its largest member state, goes to the polls, while the new governments of Thailand and Cambodia – and to some extent, even Malaysia – will continue to find their footing. Meanwhile, the region continues to be stress-tested by big power rivalries – with Laos at the helm of ASEAN next year, it remains to be seen how the country will navigate the region through uncertain times.


How will ASEAN sustain its growth, and where will it stand in the midst of geopolitical challenges? Join us in our upcoming webinar and hear from our panellists as they dissect the region’s economic and political trajectories.