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EU & ASEAN Green Transition: Focus On Renewable Energies

In the framework of the EU Industry Days and Week 2022, the EU Delegation to ASEAN and the EU-ASEAN Business Council is organising a webinar “EU & ASEAN green transition: focus on renewable energies”

The webinar will offer an overview of ongoing actions in the EU and ASEAN to support the EU green deal priorities and green agenda with a focus on renewable energies. It will present the opportunities that the Team Europe Initiative might offer in ASEAN for the decarbonisation of the energy sector. Speakers will focus on strengths of weaknesses of the renewable energies uptake and in exploring how to step up EU and ASEAN cooperation to achieve results in a short term. The webinar will be organised in the format of a moderated panel discussion (introduced by two video messages including from the EU Commissioner for Energy (TBC) and the Cambodia Minister for Mines and Energy (TBC).

Southeast Asia has significant potential for renewable energy. Most recently, the Philippines and Vietnam have announced retiring coal-fired plants before the end of their life cycles, as part of a massive initiative undertaken by the Asian Development Bank and others. However, the progress to shift to renewables is slow, especially as governments continue to implement strong economic incentives to cling to fossil fuels, which is why it continues to be strong engagement on the part of the private sector to encourage policy change in this region.

Potential for EU and ASEAN cooperation in the development and uptake of renewable energies is recognised by both sides as promising and as a key for achieving climate targets. Decarbonisation of the energy sector in ASEAN will be an important part of the fight against climate change and of the green transition of the economy.

Setting the scenes: views from EU and ASEAN

  • Ms Kadri Simson, EU Commissioner for Energy
  • H.E. Suy Sem, Cambodia Minister of Mines and Energy
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  • H.E. Igor Driesmans, Ambassador of the European Union to ASEAN
  • Dr. Ahmad Zafarullah, Director, ASEAN Integration Monitoring Directorate, ASEAN Secretariat
  • Dr. Marija Zima-Bockarjova, R&D and Marketing Manager for Smart Cities and Solutions, ABB Electrification
  • Frank Phuan, CEO, Executive Director of Sunseap Group Pte Ltd
  • Gurbuz Gonul, Director, Country Engagement and Partnerships, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)


  • Donald Kanak, Chairman, EU-ASEAN Business Council

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