Past Events

EuroCham Cambodia – Counter-Counterfeit & Illicit Trade Forum 2023

Promoting fair trade in Cambodia

EuroCham Cambodia and EuroCham’s Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) committee are proud to organise our first ‘Counter-Counterfeit and Illicit Trade Forum’ in Cambodia, a collaboration with the Consumer Protection Competition and Fraud Repression Directorate General (CCF) of the Ministry of Commerce.

The production and trade of counterfeit products is a concern for several Southeast Asian countries, and it is also a hot topic for foreign investors as they consider entering new markets. With the presence of counterfeit products across many sectors – including fast-moving consumer goods, automobile parts, and pharmaceuticals – Cambodia is no exception.

In this full-day forum, EuroCham and CCF will join forces to highlight the ongoing issue of counterfeit goods and illicit trade, how it impacts businesses, and discuss the solutions and current laws aiming to address the issue. There will also be a CCF Advice Helpdesk on site, to allow participants to have a one-on-one discussion with the CCF officials to learn more about their activities in the Kingdom.

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