Past Events

European-Philippine Business Dialogue and Gala Dinner

Over the years, the Philippines’ image as a competitive investment destination has improved with the country being cited as one of the bright spots in Asia, resulting in an increase in interest from foreign investors. Multilateral and international organisations have expressed confidence in the growth prospects of the Philippines. Today, the Philippines is at an optimal position to welcome a new era of economic growth by capitalising on the government’s recent game-changing economic milestones.

The passage of the amendments to the Foreign Investment Act, Retail Trade Liberalization Act, and Public Service Act, as well as the relaxation of the foreign participation limitation in the renewable energy sector and the recent ratification of the world’s largest trade bloc known as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) are among the country’s key strategies to attract high-levels of trade and investment and will further drive the Philippines’ regional and global competitiveness as an investment destination. Furthermore, there has been renewed interest from the Philippine government to resume talks on the European-Philippine Free Trade Agreement.

Riding on this momentum, this year’s European-Philippine Business Dialogue, organised by the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and the EU-ASEAN Business Council, will feature a series of high-level discussions on how the Philippines can maximise its competitive advantage as an investment destination and bring the country’s economy to new heights. Now on its tenth run, the Dialogue will bring together key government officials, business leaders, and experts to take a look at the country’s state of economic health as well as its business and investment climate, and share their insights on how we can forge stronger economic ties between the Philippines and Europe.

The ECCP and the EU-ASEAN Business Council will co-organise a Gala Dinner shortly after the Dialogue’s plenary session.

Join us for a memorable night of networking and fun with business leaders, government representatives, and regional partners, in this event scheduled for 6:30pm to 10:00pm.

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