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Life-Course Immunisation for Older Adults in Asia: A Health Economics Case

The importance of shifting “sick care” to “preventive care” has become key to the evolution of the global healthcare industry after the pandemic. Life-course immunisation, a core element of preventive care, is one of the most cost-effective public health interventions and crucial to support ageing populations to lead a fulfilling, productive and healthy life throughout all ages. How can we encourage the implementation of life-course immunisation in Southeast Asia? What can we do more to increase awareness of vaccinations among the ageing population?

We’re excited to launch an ideation initiative, which calls for submissions to make the case for increased investment on life-course immunisation for the elderly in Southeast Asia. This initiative also aims to nurture the next generation of healthcare talent to propose innovative healthcare financing models that can be utilised to expand immunisation programmes to include the elderly population.

💡Join our upcoming webinar to witness the official launch of the ‘Life-course immunisation for older adults in Asia: A health economics case’ initiative.

At the webinar, healthcare industry leaders and experts in the region will join together to explore:

💭 Key objectives of the initiative

💭 The economic benefits of adult immunisation in developing countries

💭 Why we should make a health economics case for life-course immunisation

💭 How we could successfully improve policy dialogue on the value of life-course immunisation

📅 Date: Tuesday, 26 Sep 2023

🕝 Time: 10.00-11.30am (SGT)

📍 Venue: Virtual

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