Past Events

Moving Forward On Self-Care Path in Digital New Normalcy Webinar

Self-care increasingly plays a key role in the COVID-19 situation in ensuring good health and well-being as well as containment of spread of the virus. World Health Organization also illustrated that “self-care interventions could also contain health system costs, provided that user-administered interventions largely maintain diagnostic accuracy, uptake and quality of care. Importantly, there are cases where self-care interventions even improve access, linkage to care and health outcomes.” To optimize these benefits, it would strongly require the foundation of health system, policy supports as well as multi-stakeholder collaboration and approach to drive key enablers and overcome challenge to achieve the self-care outcomes for patient and health system benefits. Additionally, COVID-19 pandemic enhanced digital opportunity and interventions which could support selfcare promotion with increased awareness and digital literacy among individuals.

European Association for Business and Commerce (EABC), EU-ASEAN Business Council (EU-ABC), Faculty of Pharmacy, Chulalongkorn University and Thai Self-Medication Industry Association (TSMIA) recognize the importance and this trend globally, regionally and in Thailand. Respectively, it is the time to enhance dialogues and experience sharing to explore how Thailand could move towards this direction with patient and consumer centric
This webinar will provide experience sharing about self-care according to international experiences as well as deep diving to economic impact of self-medication in Thailand from an academic viewpoint. The sessions would include presentations and panel discussions to address of self-care development as “Moving forward on the self-care path in digital new normalcy” in Thailand.