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Navigating the future of Work for Gen Z in Digital Age

Move from Uncertainty to Opportunity 💫

“Gen Z’s biggest skills gap that is feeling their social anxiety at work: managing ambiguity”

“Companies are learning that Gen Z isn’t the easiest generation to work with”

“Are Gen Z missing crucial skills?” 

What Does Gen Z Want From Education?

“People no longer work just for money; they’re looking for growth and purpose.”

These are the top headlines about Gen Z in the workforce in the past few months.

As part of Kidzstarter’s upcoming launch of their 2024 initiative, “Navigating the Future of Work for Gen Z in the Digital Age,” the founder along with other speakers are running a series of workshops and lunch time talk sessions to support youth transition and bridge the gap between school and the future of work.

  • Tanya Marwaha, the founder of Championing Youth Minds and a Diana Award Recipient from the UK’s royal family, advocates for mental health education and empowering others to use their voices.
  • Yasna Vismale, the author of “Werk Your Net,” advocates for marginalized communities to learn how to develop their personal brand and network to cultivate diversity in their spaces.
  • Lee See Ting, the author of Gen Z Secrets and founder of Kidzstarter, advocates for youths and young adults to create possibilities and to navigate ambiguity through entrepreneurial mindset and skills-based learning.

If you are interested to learn more about how to help Gen Z transition into the future workforce or to equip Gen Z with transferable skills sets, register via the link below so you don’t miss out! Looking forward to seeing you!

📅 13-19 May, 2024

📍 Singapore