Past Events

The European Green Deal & its Impact on Doing Business in ASEAN

*In-person event. No hybrid option available

This side event aims to facilitate the identification of opportunities such as:

  • Increased demand for sustainable products: The European Green Deal emphasizes the transition to a low-carbon economy and encourages sustainable production practices. Participants will explore how this presents an opportunity for businesses to meet the increased demand for sustainable products and services.
  • Export opportunities for compliant plastic products: ASEAN countries can capitalize on the EU’s strict regulations by exporting plastic products and packaging materials that comply with the new regulations. Participants will identify strategies to maximize export potential in this area.
  • Improving raw material supply security: The European Green Deal indirectly contributes to the security of raw material supply in the ASEAN region through diversification of supply chains, sustainable mining practices, research, and development, strengthened trade partnerships, and collaboration on renewable energy. Participants will explore ways to leverage this opportunity for mutual benefit.

Join us to deepen your understanding of the EU Green Deal’s implications for international trade. By identifying opportunities and addressing challenges, participants will contribute to the development of strategies and policies that promote sustainable and mutually beneficial trade relations between the EU and ASEAN countries.