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Building a Healthier Asia: Empowering more equitable access to healthcare innovation

Building a Healthier Asia:

Empowering More Equitable Access to Healthcare Innovation

Over the past decade, major leaps in healthcare technologies have transformed and elevated the quality and delivery of care, from therapeutics, to diagnostics, procedures and other interventions. The rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines that have saved millions of lives globally has demonstrated what is possible. However, these breakthroughs in innovation have in some cases widened existing gaps in healthcare access and equity across and within markets. Closing these gaps will require addressing barriers relating to healthcare financing, availability of healthcare services, supply and distribution of products, and even the trust of stakeholders in the healthcare system.

In this Summit, we will explore these barriers to equitable access to innovation-driven, value-based healthcare and hear about potential solutions for improving patient access in Asia. Individual sessions will focus on specific barriers by bringing together different perspectives to address the challenge. We will also explore learnings from the pandemic response – what worked well and what needs to be improved. The sessions will be linked by overarching themes of Innovative business models driven by digital technology, strategic collaboration and partnerships.