Webinar- EU-ASEAN Relations Post-Pandemic: Views From The Frontline

The EU-ASEAN Business Council had the honor and pleasure of having Singapore’s Ambassador to the EU and EU’s Ambassador to ASEAN on our EU-ASEAN Relations Post-Pandemic: Views From The Frontline webinar yesterday.

The much anticipated webinar saw over 200 registrations with attendees joining in on an engaging and lively discussion on EU-ASEAN’s strategic partnership and the prospects of taking a long standing relationship of over 40 years to the next step, during and beyond this uncertain period brought on by the pandemic.

For those who missed the webinar, view it here

The team at EU-ASEAN Business Council expresses appreciation to HE Ambassador Igor Driesmans, EU Ambassador to ASEAN and Jaya Ratnam, Ambassador of Singapore to the European Union, Belgium and the Netherlands for making the webinar possible and a successful one.

Do keep a lookout for more exciting webinars coming your way!