Webinar- Where Will The Road To Electric Vehicles Lead In ASEAN

A webinar sponsored by ABB

The EU-ASEAN Business Council, together with the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, held the webinar, Where will the Road to Electric Vehicles Lead in ASEAN yesterday. A rather timely webinar held in tandem with the inaugural World EV Day, discussing an important topic for the future, not only for the automotive industry across the region but also for environmental and sustainability reasons.

The well received webinar, led by an esteemed panel of speakers and moderator, saw a lively and engaging discussion on the potential for e-mobility and electric vehicles in ASEAN and the implications for transportation and urbanisation. Attendees also got to find out more about how electric vehicles will promote economic growth in ASEAN and ways electric vehicles will help the region achieve long term sustainable growth.

Missed out on the webinar? View it here

The team at EU-ASEAN Business Council would like to thank Ivone Kaizeler, Team Leader, Competitiveness & International Matters of the Automotive Unit, DG Grow,

Kukuh Kumara, Secretary General, Association of Indonesia Automotive Industry (GAIKINDO), Kumail Rashid, EV Charging Solutions Lead, Asia Pacific, ABB,

Sam Bontoft, E-Performance Manager Porsche, APAC and Jacques Borremans, Director, CharIN Asia for their participation and making the webinar a successful one.

We’ve got more exciting webinars in the pipeline coming your way! Keep a lookout for them.