Our Mission

The overarching objective of the EU-ABC is to promote changes in policies, rules and regulations so that European businesses can more easily invest and develop their businesses in the region to the benefit of the local economies and populations as well as their own shareholders.

The EU-ASEAN Business Council aims to:
– Advocate for European business interests in the ASEAN region;
– Push for the reduction and eventual elimination of barriers to trade (both tariffs and Non-Tariff Barriers);
– Facilitate trade and investment between Europe and ASEAN;
– Collaborate and interact with the ASEAN Secretariat and other related bodies;
– Contribute to and promote pan-ASEAN economic integration; and
– Support the establishment of an EU-ASEAN free trade agreement, and FTAs between the EU and ASEAN Member States in the meantime.

To support this overall mission, the EU-ABC has established, and continues to develop, a series of Advocacy Groups covering both individual commercial sectors (e.g. Automotive; Insurance; Digital/ICT; Healthcare) and cross-industry issues (e.g. IPR/Illicit Trade; Human Capital; Customs Procedures & Trade Facilitation). These Advocacy Groups are made up from leading MNCs in each area plus representatives from the Committees from our European Chamber of Commerce membership. This approach ensures a broad-based approach to raising and handling issues that face industries and inhibit the ability of businesses to trade and invest.