What We Do

Our Mission

The overarching objective of the EU-ABC is to promote changes in policies, rules and regulations so that European businesses can more easily invest and develop their businesses in the region to the benefit of the local economies and populations as well as their own shareholders.

The EU-ASEAN Business Council aims to:

How We Deliver

The EU-ABC conducts its activities through a series of advocacy groups focused on particular industry sectors and cross-industry issues, as well direct interaction with Ministers and policy makers across the ASEAN region. Our Advocacy Groups, usually chaired by a multi-national corporation, draw on the views of the entire membership of the EU-ABC as well as the relevant committees from our European Chamber of Commerce membership, allowing the EU-ABC to reflect the views and concerns of European business in general. Groups cover, amongst other areas, Insurance, Mobility, Agri-Food & FMCG, IPR & Illicit Trade, Customs & Trade Facilitation, Sustainability, and Healthcare. This approach ensures a broad-based approach to raising and handling issues that face industries and inhibit the ability of businesses to trade and invest.