EU-ASEAN Relations Essay Series: The HonourableFdr. Ar. Siti Rozaimeriyanty Dslj Haji Abdul Rahman

For the latest edition of EU-ASEAN Relations Essay Series, The Honourable Fdr. Ar. Siti Rozaimeriyanty Dslj Haji Abdul Rahman, Chairwoman of ASEAN Business Advisory Council, Brunei Darussalam provides insight on how the EU and ASEAN can forge ahead together towards a stronger recovery.

Looking ahead, YB Yanty Rahman expresses support of the ASEAN BAC on the resumption of the ASEAN-EU FTA negotiations between the two blocs, welcoming further cooperation in expanding ASEAN-EU relations, to tap on the full potential of both regions.

“… with an all-out support from the EU and our EU-ABC partner, we from the ASEAN business sector are confident that negotiations towards an FTA framework will set in place our relations as we grow stronger in the years to come.”

“Let us Care and Recover, Prepare for Stronger Unity and Prosper together, Sama – Sama”

Download: YB Yanty Rahman – EU ASEAN Relations Essay Series

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