Circularity Coalition


The EU-ASEAN Business Council (EU–ABC) has established the ASEAN Circularity Coalition (ACC) to drive the agenda on the important topic of circularity within the region. 

The coalition aims to be the leading platform dedicated to advocate on key issues with regards to circularity and enable dialogue between all the key stakeholders. 

The ACC will promote circularity within the ASEAN region, following the adoption of the Framework for Circular Economy in 2021. By engaging both public and private sectors, the ACC seeks to develop a regulatory framework for sustainable economic growth and private sector investment.

The vision of the ACC is to create a future where resources are used efficiently, waste is minimized, and sustainable consumption patterns are embraced. The coalition will focus on:

  • Waste management and recycling practices (including Extended Producer Responsibility policy) 

  • Product design and production – emphasising the need for designing and producing goods with circularity in mind, promoting eco-design principles like recyclability and extension of lifespan and reducing waste generation 

  • Sustainable consumption – shifting consumer behaviour towards more sustainable consumption patterns 

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