Past Events

ASEAN Food Systems Sustainability Workshop in Jakarta – CropLife Asia

EU-ASEAN Business Council and CropLife Asia, in conjunction with ASEAN Secretariat are conducting the ASEAN Food Systems Sustainability Workshop in Jakarta on November 7-8, 2023 and seek your participation.

As you know, ensuring food production in our region that is not only robust and resilient but also sustainable is a growing challenge. The ASEAN Regional Guidelines for Sustainable Agriculture in ASEAN adopted at the 44th Meeting of the AMAF in October 2022 and released publicly earlier this year is a testament to regional leaders’ commitment to progress in this pursuit. The challenge is also one that requires partnership and shared engagement across the regional food value chain – from among public and private sector stakeholders alike. It’s in this spirit that we’re undertaking this important workshop next month.

Among the topics being covered at the event is the EU Green Deal. This comprehensive package of policies aims to boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy, mitigate climate change, reduce biodiversity loss and cut pollution. The package also covers all sectors of the economy, including agriculture, and has far-reaching implications for farmers, supply chains and national trade – both within and outside the EU. A number of its policy areas would have significant implications for ASEAN agriculture policy, food production, and trade if realized.

Beyond the EU Green Deal and its various provisions, the workshop will also delve into sustainability topics of particular relevance to Southeast Asia food systems, including: geopolitical developments; climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation; carbon neutrality; the role of innovation; and alternative policy approaches to sustainable agriculture such as Japan’s MeaDRI.

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