Past Events

Members Only Briefing: Harrowing Times: European trade policy, the (tech) wars, and Asia in all this

The EU-ABC is partnering with Borderlex, a leading European publication on trade policy, to bring to Members updates and analyses of where trade policy is headed towards in the EU. This session will be held on 17th May at 1700 at the KPMG Clubhouse in Singapore (Physical only).

The EU is facing a range of existential challenges as a political entity amidst rising geopolitical rifts, including the impacts of the Ukraine War, and as it seeks to play catch-up in the technological innovation race and gets caught up in the US-China rivalry. It is also trying to be a leader in climate change mitigation.

The EU’s trade policy is evolving rapidly as a result, with wide-ranging implications for its trading partners. It raises the question of whether partners in Southeast Asia should be worried – or, are there opportunities?

In this closed-door Members Only  event, Founder and Editor of Borderlex Iana Dreyer will share the recent developments in the EU that are affecting its trade policy, and what this can mean for the strategic decisions of its trading partners in Southeast Asia:

  • The ‘China challenge’ the ‘Trump trauma’ and the EU’s current related ‘defensive’ trade agenda: foreign subsidies, international procurement instrument, anti-coercion
  • ‘Open strategic autonomy’, tech sovereignty, and industrial policy
  • The consequences of the EU’s Green Deal for EU trade policy: carbon border adjustment, deforestation, forced labour ban
  • Post-Brexit United Kingdom in all this: acting as a serious trade competitor to the EU in Asia?

Please register by 10th May by writing to Bethanie Kwok at  There is limited capacity, so seats will be reserved on a first come first served basis.