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Thailand Health Roadshow


Thailand has been making continuous efforts to develop and expand its healthcare system across all areas of healthcare services. This includes the establishment of more healthcare units at all levels of care in both urban and rural settings to support the public health system and implement healthcare campaigns, provide basic care and uplift diagnosis. While the system has improved and led to better prevention and control of infectious diseases, and increased access to healthcare services, there are still gaps and needs that require attention. 

Thailand is currently transitioning from an aging society to an aged society, with the proportion of the aging population expected to reach 32.2% by 2032. The healthcare system is also facing challenges such as antimicrobial resistance (AMR), non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). To achieve its national strategic goal for public health by 2036, which is “Healthier People. Happier Healthcare Workers. Sustainable Health System.”, Thailand aims to improve health coverage for its citizens and advance medical technology. 

To reduce the mounting burden on the healthcare system and improve the health of its citizens, Thailand has increased its healthcare expenditure to accelerate growth in the healthcare sectors. What lessons and best practices gleaned from the pandemic can help accelerate the development of its healthcare infrastructure and ecosystem to enable it to thrive and achieve public health outcomes sustainably through continued innovation and collaboration? Join us as we explore these efforts in more detail.


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