Webinar – Catch Me If You Can: Unpacking Financial Crime In ASEAN

Trade-based money laundering (TBML) has been a concern to businesses and continues to pose an impact being on an upward trend.

The EU-ASEAN Business Council, together with European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, is pleased to have rolled out the webinar, Catch Me If You Can: Unpacking Financial Crime In ASEAN yesterday, specifically to share and discuss more on an issue that is of growing concern.

The exceptional panel of speakers contributed to the discussion providing expert knowledge on TBML and illicit financial flows, addressing why Southeast Asia is becoming more susceptible to illicit trade, sharing valuable information on vulnerabilities of Free Trade Zones in ASEAN and what financial institutions can do in the fight against TBML.

For those who missed this informative webinar, view it here

The team at EU-ASEAN Business Council expresses appreciation to John Cassara, Author,Trade Based Money Laundering: The Next Frontier in International Money Laundering Enforcement; Money Laundering and Illicit Financial Flows: Following the Money and Value Trails, Adam Parks, Regional Attaché, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Homeland Security Investigations, Lina Baechtiger, Head Illicit Trade Prevention, External Engagement, AsiaPhilip Morris International and Richard Carrick, CEO,Crime Stoppers Asia (CSA) for their time and contribution to the webinar.

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