The EU-ASEAN Business Council publishes periodic newsletters detailing its activities.

Recent copies of our monthly newsletters can be found below:

March 2021 EU-ABC Events, European Businesses - Empowering ASEAN Recovery:, JTI and Generali, Upcoming Event, New Members: ATPA, GS1 and Food Panda, Partner News

February 2021 - EU-ABC Events, Upcoming Events, New Members: Dentsu Tracking, LBBW and Refinitiv, Partner News

January 2021Message from the Chairman, EU-ABC Events, Update: Data Governance Report, Op-ed: How to Accelerate the Energy Transition in Developing Economies, Upcoming Events, New Member: Landmark Public Affairs, Partner News

December 2020 - Update from the Brussels Liaison Group of EU-ABC, A Renewed Trade Policy For A Stronger Europe: Submission of the EU-ASEAN Business Council to EU Trade Policy Review, Publication of Advocacy Papers, EU-ABC Webinars & Activities, EU-ABC Interview Series, In The News, EU-ABC Forward Look Calendar 2021, New Member Announcement: The Syngenta Group, EU-ABC Office Relocation

September/October 2020 - EU-ABC Webinars & Activities: Round Table Meeting with Vice Minister of Commerce, Thailand, ASEAN Finance Ministers' & Central Bank Governors' Meeting, ASEAN-wide Self Certification for COOs Goes Live and EU-ABC Interview Series, EU-ASEAN Business Sentiment Survey, EU-ABC Upcoming Webinars & Activities, Partner News

August 2020 - EU-ABC Webinars & Activities, In The News, EU-ABC Upcoming Webinars & Activities: Virtual Mission Trip to Malaysia, Save-the-Date: ASEAN-EU Business Summit, Partner News

July 2020 - Message from The Chairman, Statement of ASEAN BAC, its Joint Business Councils (JBC) and sector champions; release of Private Sector Package of Recommendations “A Pathway towards Recovery and Hope in ASEAN”, Publication of Advancing ASEAN’s Circular Economy Agenda Paper, EU-ABC Webinars & Activities, In The News, EU-ABC Upcoming Webinars & Activities and Updated Calendar for 2020

June 2020 Bumper Edition - EU and ASEAN: Partners for the Long Haul - Op-ed by Ambassador Igor Driesmans , Update on EU-ABC's 7th Annual General Meeting (for members only), EU-ABC Webinars & Activities & Op-ed on Post Pandemic Economic Recovery, EU-ABC In The News, EU-ABC Upcoming Webinars & Activities and Partner News

June 2020 - Update on 7th Annual General Meeting, JBC's Statement on COVID-19 Response, EU-ABC Webinars & Activities, Op-ed on Replacing Coal Power with Renewables in Developing Countries and Upcoming Webinars & Activities

April 2020 - EU-ABC Webinars & Activities, EU-ABC Upcoming Webinars & Activities, Update on 7th AGM & Gala Dinner, Partner News

March 2020 - Message from EU-ABC Chairman, EU-ABC Events & Activities, Upcoming Events: 7th Annual AGM & Gala Dinner, Myanmar Mission Trip and 3 Part Webinar Series on COVID-19

February 2020 - Thailand Mission Trip, EU-ABC Event Round Up, Upcoming Events, New Member: World Gold Council and Partner News

January 2020 New Year Message from EU-ABC Chairman, EU-ABC Events & Activities, Upcoming Events, New Member: AC Trade Advisory

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